Jacksonville’s Most Unique Outdoor Group Activity – Guided War Canoe Tours

    Jacksonville's most fun and unique outdoor group activity.If you’re looking for an exceptional outdoor activity for a group, there’s nothing more unique than Florida’s only guided War Canoe tours. Up The Creek Xpeditions’ Big Canoe Fun uses 25-foot, Voyageur-style War Canoes to allow groups to experience the history and natural beauty of Florida’s First Coast in a truly remarkable way. Each canoe carries a guide and up to 9-paddlers – making War Canoes the ideal choice for a truly one-of-a-kind, on-water group activity.

    The Voyageur-style canoes used by Up The Creek Xpeditions are designed after the North Canoes (Canots du Nord) used by early North American fur traders. These canoes, sometimes simply referred to as, “Big Canoes,” are big, stable and sea-worthy – designed to carry people and supplies on Whitewater Rivers and big, open water. Voyageur canoes have huge, up-swept bows to cut through and ride over big waves; and, with bow and stern flotation tanks and huge foam blocks in each of the six-bench seats, these Big Canoes cannot sink – making them as safe as sea kayaks in many of the same open water conditions. In fact, Boy Scout groups in California use the smaller, 22-foot version of this boat to paddle out to and circumnavigate Catalina Island!

    Whether you’re searching for an adventure for family or friends, or an outing for any group, you won’t find a more fun and out-of-the-ordinary group activity than a guided tour in a Big Canoe. Church and school groups, office staffs, sales teams, scouts and other groups and organizations that are always looking for new group activities and adventures will find that War Canoes put a new twist on old activities. Visiting the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, Cumberland Island National Seashore, Kingsley Plantation or Big Talbot Island State Park in a War Canoe combines two fun activities and turns a good day into a great adventure.